LaRouche 100 år:  Greger Ahlberg berättar hur LaRouche inspirerat skapandet av Globen Arena

LaRouche 100 år: Greger Ahlberg berättar hur LaRouche inspirerat skapandet av Globen Arena



Arkitekten och samhällsstrategen Greger Ahlberg var projektledare för det vinnande konsortiet som tog fram Globen. Han berättar här själv om hur Lyndon LaRouches tankar om en framtida rymdkolonisering var hans inspiration till skapandet av Stockholms unika landmärke Globen Arena.



Foto: Sören Andersson

Världens största sfäriska byggnad
Arenans historia startade med att kommunstyrelsen utlyste en projekttävling med huvuduppdraget att utveckla området till ett nav för affärsliv, sport och kultur. Det vinnande bidraget, utformat av ett konsortium som bildats i samverkan med Bergs Arkitektkontor, gav liv åt idén att bygga världens största sfäriska byggnad.
Avicii Arena började byggas den 10 september 1986 och färdigställdes på rekordsnabba 2,5 år. Invigningen ägde rum den 19 februari 1989.

Avicii Arena



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Comments and transcript of video contribution celebrating Lyndon LaRouche´s 100th birthday September 8TH, 2022.


The secret of the Stockholm Globe Arena

Architect Greger Ahlberg tells how the space explorations plans of Lyndon LaRouche inspired him in designing of the famous landmark in Stockholm: The Globe Arena. It has been a long time very visible example of the influence of LaRouche in Sweden, but this has been secret to most people just like much of his other great influence in the world. The Globe Area incorporates the visions of LaRouche waiting to be realized. Just as Greger Ahlberg explains in this video [ ], about it´s orientation to space and the future of the young people. Today, this has the potential for Sweden to relaunch its earlier orientation to science, technological development and growth. A potential that also would mean a reorientation of Sweden into promoting peace and cooperation among the great space faring nations in the world.

The Globe Arena was built 1989 with a diameter of 110 meters and is still the biggest Spherical building on Earth. It immediately became very popular and has been the stage for international sports events, concerts and other events. In 2021 the name was changed to Avicii Arena.

Greger Ahlberg was the manager for the consortium that was the winning team, out of four, in the contest for the design of the Globe Arena area. The actual construction was then developed in cooperation with the leading Architect bureau Bergs.


[In the Sky lift going to the top of the Globe Arena]


“Myself, I am an architect and town planner. As Lyndon LaRouche I’m interested in the building in space, of course, and this is the most spacey-like building in Sweden, so the inspiration is from him and it carries the expectations for the future for all young people to have a life here on earth and also in space in the future.”

“My history is that I am born in Sweden in Stockholm but also grew up in the United States in New York as a young boy in the 1950-ies. When I discovered Lyndon LaRouche later in my life, it was again the worldwide perspective of United States just like United States inspired me as a child. He inspired myself and many others in Sweden in town planning and construction like with this great Globe Arena – The Avicii Arena here in Stockholm. I welcome all of you around the world to this place. It is great. It has a great view over the whole region of Stockholm. You can see very far in all directions, and you are very near the sky, but the sky is not the limit. It is the start of space. So welcome!”

[On the ground outside the Globe Arena]

“This area where we are now standing was a great disaster before. It was just sand and a small lake, and people did not like it. Then there was a competition about what to do with this. The building, that we made, really had the future attitude of Lyndon LaRouche. Without this Stockholm would not have anything of worldwide interest, so we thought, we could make that and now was the time. And this was a great point in the landscape, where you could see all around the region really.

“In my life Lyndon LaRouche was the great inspiration for this building. His approach in having knowledge in Economy, in Philosophy and in all kinds of disciplines at the highest level and that is the greatest thing you can achieve when you inspire young people to know more and more of everything around them, so they can organize their life for the future. The limit is not the sky, bit the space where we are going for the future.

That is why Lyn is such a great guy! Thank you for your visions!”


One good late article by Lyndon LaRouche from his extensive writing about space colonization was:  “Designing Cities in the Age of Mars Colonization – An economist examines the task of building cities that are beautiful and will last through a thousand years of technological progress”:

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